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"Saving buyers and sellers time and money with logical connections that support local experts and operators."

The TransCanada Tourism network, which includes great new tools like See British Columbia (See BC) and the Islands BC regional travel group, is being designed to reflect how I prefer to experience tourism-related content:  
Direct and relevant, comprehensive and reliablewith an interesting user interface.

The key element is independence...unrestricted by commitments to external organizations, we're able to describe everything that might be of value to users, while avoiding the clutter of random syndicated advertising. 

National launch is planned for mid-2019 (this is a spare time project on a small budget) and will include an extensive network of tourism and real estate resource sites at the regional, provincial and national levels.  See below...

In the meantime, I hope this Victoria/CRD prototype site developed for the global TOURISM 1 network is fun and useful, whether viewed in a mobile environment or on the big screen of a home computer.  
Enjoy!        Keith Baldwin (Sooke, BC)

Our network of sites is coming together...



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